Integrating software providers – Alex Tomic

Integrating software providers – Alex Tomic

In his keynote delivered during the second day of SiGMA Europe 2023 held in Malta this week, Alex Tomic gave some important insights on a pivotal subject: integrating software providers and the strategic imperatives for operators in today’s dynamic gaming industry.

Alex Tomic, Founder & CEO, Alea

“Look what’s happening in Brazil now with Fortune Tiger from PG Soft games. Who would have ever imagined that a Chinese game would be the Number One game in Brazil, generating, by my estimation 200 million euros GGR monthly.”

Alex Tomic, Alea

Tomic drew a parallel between launching an operation in the gaming industry and “launching a rocket to the moon.” In this analogy, Tomic added, operators find themselves navigating a complex terrain encompassing acquisition, retention, support, technology, products, and regulation. The multifaceted nature of this huge task demands the acquisition of diverse skills and the attraction of significant talent — a realization that highlights the impracticality of trying to handle every aspect independently. Ultimately, operators come to the realization that collaboration with third parties is not just beneficial but a necessity as an operator in the gaming industry.  

When integrating software providers, Tomic highlighted the importance of paying close attention to the team of any third party that an operator engages with, rather than the size of the business within the industry. This helps to provide some certainty in an otherwise unpredictable outcome.

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