Best Football Betting Sites in 2024

The enormous following of football is reflected in the sports betting industry, where online football betting sites take up a large segment of the market. We have sifted through this competitive arena to bring you only the elite football sportsbooks, coupled with all the necessary insights to put together a winning football bet slip.

Football Betting Sites

Top Online Football Bookmakers

The competition between online sports betting sites is as fierce as on the football pitch, so we reviewed top platforms in detail to recommend sportsbooks with fair odds and vast football betting options.

On our list of the best football betting sites, you’ll see only those sportsbooks that guarantee a flawless blend of betting markets and covered leagues, creative offers for new players, and efficient setups that enable even novice bettors to create and submit their bets quickly.

Our Approach to Rating Top Football Betting Sites

Your success at betting largely depends on picking the right platform. We’re confident that you’ll find the best one tailored to your preferences on our list. Every football betting site review is conducted with the goal of confirming that they provide a reliable and trustworthy environment and enjoyable betting experience.

Here are the specific criteria we consider vital:

Competitive odds: The foundation of a profitable bet lies in securing the best odds for football betting. We value platforms that consistently offer competitive football odds.
League coverage: Our recommended platforms cover all events, whether you’re interested in top-tier competitions or local tournaments.
“Create your own bet”: Sportsbooks have to give you the option to customize your selections based on various match events and grant you a more personalized and strategic approach to betting.
Virtual football: We appreciate platforms that offer simulated football games because non-stop action allows bettors to combine different betting strategies.
Fantasy football opportunities: Top betting sites that offer the best values in fantasy football can elevate your experience as you engage in team creation, player transfers, and tactics to compete with others and win.
Fast result confirmation: Time is of the essence. Our search for the best betting sites ends with platforms that provide swift and accurate result confirmations so you can reinvest or withdraw your winnings without unnecessary delays.


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Football Bonus Offers

Online betting sites have revamped their strategy, introducing enticing football betting offers. Sign-up betting offers play a pivotal role in providing added value. With a surge in new bookmakers entering the scene, the best betting sites create bonuses for bettors to test different markets or try to win by placing a bet on very high betting odds. Free bets are the main type of sportsbook bonus: those are credits you can use to place a bet without dipping into your wallet.

Free bets are paid out as bonus money, which usually comes with wagering requirements. Most expire after a certain period, so it is crucial to use them before they lapse. Lastly, sometimes you can only use free bets on selected events the betting sites choose.

No Deposit Free Bets

No deposit free bet offers don’t require any initial deposit. After signing up, you receive an amount to wager on an event without any financial commitment.

Deposit Match Free Bets

With this deposit system, once a user makes a deposit, the bookmaker matches it with an equivalent amount in free football bets. For example, if you deposit £30, you might receive an additional £30 in free bets.

What is Early Cash Out in Football Betting?

Cash out, sometimes labeled as an early buy-out feature, is a strategic tool many bookmakers offer, granting bettors more control over their active bets. It allows you to cash out your bet before the event concludes. Depending on the current status of the match, a bettor can either secure some profit if the bet is working in their favor or mitigate potential losses if the bet is losing. 

The feature can be a vital part of a strategy. For example, if the football club you’ve bet on is in the lead with 10 minutes to go, but the opposing team is pressing hard, you can cash out to secure a portion of the potential winnings. Basically, the sportsbook offers you smaller odds on that particular match.

The Expanding Range of Football Betting Markets

Football betting markets present a number of choices every bettor has to bet on in a single game. Markets provide opportunities for fans and punters to engage with matches beyond predicting the final score.

For leagues like the English Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, or Champions League, bookmakers offer a plethora of betting markets and often introduce unique bets during a season or a specific match.

For less renowned leagues, bookmakers might limit the markets to the essentials, such as match results, total goals, and BTTS. Also, the odds might be updated less frequently, and in-play could be available but is often more limited.

This discrepancy occurs because of the demand and the amount of information available. Top-tier leagues have a massive global following, abundant resources, and extensive media coverage, allowing the best online sportsbooks to offer a broader range of football betting markets. For lower-tier leagues, leading bookmakers tend to be more conservative in the markets they offer. In the following sections, we’ll explain some more interesting opportunities.

Handicap Betting

A handicap bet is a sports betting market in which the underdog team obtains a goal advantage, making the odds on each side more even. In this case, if you pick a favorite, they have to overcome the set deficit to win you the bet.

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap effectively eliminates the possibility of a draw, increasing your chances of winning. By giving one team a virtual advantage over the other, it ensures that a match has only two possible outcomes—a win for the home team or the away team.

Draw No Bet (DNB)

Draw No Bet also excludes the draw outcome. Bettors can bet on either a home or away win, but if the game ends in a draw, your stake is returned. However, if your pick loses the match, your bet will lose as well. 

Outright Betting

An outright bet, often referred to as a future bet, is a wager on the outcome of the whole season, a cup tournament, or other competition in its entirety. These bets are typically placed before the competition begins. Still, they can also be placed after the action has begun, though odds might be considerably different if a bet is placed afterward.

Transfer Betting

Wagering on football player transfers has grown in popularity recently. Football transfer betting lets you place stakes on whether a specific player or manager will join a particular club. Annually, there are two periods when contracted footballers can switch teams. If at any moment you’re unsure about any specific phrase, you can learn more from our glossary of betting terms, where we cover the broad terminology.

Football ACCA

Football betting accumulators, known as footy accumulators or simply ACCA, are bets that combine four or more selections into a single bet. For the bet to be successful, all selections must win. The potential returns on the accumulator bets can be substantial due to the compounded odds of the multiple selections. It’s a popular choice among bettors looking for bigger payouts from small stakes. Every market provided by betting sites qualifies for football ACCA betting.

It’s worth noting that football betting sites have seen the rising popularity of fantasy football. It enables true fans to create their dream teams and study in-depth player statistics. Still, being alert during transfer windows is essential to be successful. A great understanding of betting markets can help you create bet builders with better chances of winning.

Builder Betting

A football bet builder is a feature that permits you to create and customize bets. The rise in popularity stems from the enhanced control it provides by letting bettors add multiple selections or “legs” within a single event, with each additional selection boosting the overall odds. Bet builders can be a potent tool, especially during high-profile matches. 

What differentiates bet builders from accumulators is the permission to include related possibilities within the same event. For instance, using a bet builder, you can wager on a favorite defeating the underdog and include that a specific player will receive a card during the 90 minutes. Such a bet wouldn’t typically be available in a traditional accumulator, but with a bet builder, you can get enhanced odds on these combinations.

The bet builder rules vary between bookmakers, and you can find the specifics in the sportsbook’s terms and conditions. Rules apply to allowed sports or limitations on the number of markets from the same sport or the number of players from the same team, which you can include in a single built bet.

For effective use of bet builders, avoiding contradictory selections is essential. Instead of betting on one team to win without conceding while also betting on the opposing side to have numerous shots on target, it’s more logical to pair unrelated outcomes. For example, if you expect a team to dominate, you can bet on them winning without conceding and expect a game with numerous yellow cards for the other team.

Betting on Football Leagues and Competitions

From the iconic European football leagues to the biggest and emerging stars, the best names to bet on have a big following in every corner of the world. When punters bet on football games online, they usually start by checking the offer in these premium competitions.

Noteworthy National Leagues

Premier League: The ranking of the best football leagues has to start with the crown jewel of the FA. The league is packed with high-octane matches featuring the world’s top players. The movement in every transfer window is also a subject of interest for football bettors.
LaLiga: Spain’s top football division features players with unmatched techniques. It’s a fiesta of skills led by passionate rivals, namely Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid.
Bundesliga: Famous for its electric atmosphere and goal-laden matches, Germany’s top competition revolves around multiple contenders looking to dethrone Bayern Munich.
Serie A: A league with a rich history of tactical battles and football maestros, Italy’s Calcio and top teams are a treat for football fans.
Ligue 1: The French league is full of surprises every season. It’s the centerpiece of French football, where flair and speed meet finesse.
Primeira Liga: Home to passionate derbies and emerging home-grown South American talents.
Eredivisie: This league is the highest level of professional football in the Netherlands—an absolute must-watch.
Premiership: Rooted in tradition and rivalry, Scotland’s top league offers a dramatic race until the final week every year.
MLS: North America’s football league has drawn more attention to it recently, especially after the arrival of one of the best players in history—Lionel Messi. MLS betting follows this peak of interest in the top American-Canadian league.
Brasileirão Serie A: This top league in Brazil, where this sport is practically a religion, delivers new football gods season after season.

Most Important International Competitions

FIFA World Cup

The most popular sporting event overall, bringing in more viewers than the Olympics. National teams compete for the coveted title of world champions. World Cup outright betting always grabs the attention of football punters.

UEFA European Championship

Another quadrennial competition, EURO sees the continent’s elite national teams vying for supremacy.

UEFA Champions League

The leading club competition in European football, where Europe’s top clubs compete for the ultimate trophy.

Copa Libertadores

South America’s most prestigious club tournament is a passionate display of football where legendary teams fight for glory.

AFC Champions League

The pinnacle of club football in Asia, showcasing the finest teams battling for continental bragging rights.

It’s true that these leagues are in the spotlight, but it’s essential not to forget the hidden gems—smaller local leagues. Deeper research into lesser-known leagues can offer valuable opportunities and generate unexpected rewards. Although there’s a wrinkle, football games from these leagues are often not included in the more dynamic part of the betting offer—live betting.

Live Betting in Football

Football in-play betting has transformed the way bettors follow football matches. Traditional betting locks you into your choices before a match starts. In contrast, live football betting offers the flexibility to adjust your strategy as the game progresses, allowing more informed decisions to be made based on the game’s flow, team dynamics, or sudden twists and turns. 

You can gain an advantage in live football betting in the following ways:

  1. Hedging: The real-time analysis provides an edge as bettors can adapt to in-match situations or hedge if their previous bets allow this opportunity.
  2. Different betting opportunities: Live football betting provides a multitude of short-term bets during football matches, from the next goal scorer to the team getting the next corner kick.
  3. Immediate gratification: The bets can be resolved shortly, offering almost instant gratification or the chance to recoup losses.

Live game betting heightens the viewing experience. Every pass, tackle, or shot could have implications for your bet. While traditional betting requires pre-match research, football in-play betting is about adaptability and seizing opportunities as the match unfolds.

Fantasy Football Betting

This interactive and analytical approach gives you another way to use your football knowledge to win money. It involves creating a virtual team of real football players from various teams. The performance of these players in actual games determines the success of your fantasy team. Points are scored based on how these players perform in categories like goals, yellow cards, or saves.

The key to success in Fantasy football betting lies in skillfully selecting players and managing the team, which requires a deep understanding of player statistics, team dynamics and changes, and football strategy. Sportsbooks run dozens of contests every week, some of them being free to play, which is perfect for getting to grips with the nuances of daily fantasy soccer before moving on to real money contests.

Betting on Virtual Football Games

Virtual football betting offers an innovative twist to traditional football wagering by focusing on simulated, digital matches rather than real-life games. This form of betting has grown in popularity among sports enthusiasts. Betting options mirror real football, including wagers on match outcomes, goal totals, or red card occurrences.

Virtual football betting stands out due to its high frequency of matches and the speed at which they are resolved. Unlike traditional football betting, which is limited by real-world match schedules, virtual football offers a new match every few minutes, each concluding rapidly like a live highlights reel. This format accelerates the betting cycle and ensures a constant stream of entertainment and betting opportunities. While virtual football can’t replicate the whole experience of real-life matches, it is an enjoyable and accessible alternative, especially during off-seasons or halftime breaks. It’s also appealing because you can easily engage without knowledge about teams, weather conditions, or referees.

Football Betting Strategies

Football betting strategies encompass a variety of analytical approaches used to increase the likelihood of winning your bets. These methods range from statistical analysis of teams and players to understanding betting odds and market trends. You can begin by understanding the following football betting principles.

  1. Research: No matter what strategy you choose, you need to research and plan. Before making your picks, you need to examine, the available players and injury reports, the field and weather conditions, both teams’ previous and upcoming games, head-to-head history, home and away results, match importance, and selected referees.
  2. Compare sites and shop for value: The key is to be patient and diligent enough to find better prices elsewhere for the exact bet you are making. It is beneficial to register with multiple providers simultaneously and analyze different betting odds.
  3. Avoid personal bias: Bet with your head instead of your heart. Be logical and strategic when betting, put your emotions aside and do your homework.
  4. Bankroll management: You must make your financial plans efficiently when you bet on any game. Be sure to set a limit for your betting and stick to it. Do not cheat, regardless of whether you win or lose.

The Convenience of Football Betting Apps

Football betting apps have become a standard and a game-changer for regular bettors. So, what makes mobile football betting beneficial?

Well, many football apps have integrated live streaming, push notifications for game updates and statistics, and in-play options. While desktop versions might offer these features, the user experience on mobile is often more fluid and intuitive.

Furthermore, biometric security, such as fingerprint or face recognition, makes mobile platforms just as secure as desktop ones, if not even more. Mobile football betting often comes with personalized notifications and suggestions based on your betting history, making access to your favorite competitions easier.

To promote their brand, bookmakers offer exclusive bonuses and go for the best prices to attract bettors to use their betting apps. This incentive might not be available on the desktop version.

Football Betting FAQ

Today’s sportsbooks create a wide range of sports betting football markets for various matches and leagues. Still, three of the most popular football bets are the classic choices—full-time match result (1×2), both teams to score (BTTS), and total goals (under/over).

Double chance is one of the simplest and safest football bets because it covers two outcomes. You can choose between three possibilities: a home win or a draw, an away win or a draw, and a home win or an away win. In other words, your selection must either win or draw for you to win the bet.

When it comes to football betting, if an ongoing match is abandoned, any already settled bets will be unaffected. For example, the half-time result or the first team to score. All other bets are void regardless of the final outcome.

Unless otherwise specified, all bets are settled on the outcome after 90 minutes of play. Injury time is included, but not overtime or penalty shootouts.

Most of the best football betting sites offer welcome bonuses and regular betting promotions, and you can claim both incentives without limitations. Once you’ve registered and taken advantage of the welcome bonus, regular punters can be rewarded with enhanced odds on specific football matches, accumulator boosts, cashback offers, and more.

Several football betting systems have been proven to maximize winnings for bettors. Among these are arbitrage, exploiting variations in odds across different bookmakers; pareto, focusing on the most impactful games or teams; lay the draw, betting against matches ending in draws; singles only, placing bets on individual outcomes rather than accumulators; value betting, identifying odds higher than they should be; and court siding, live-betting to take advantage of real-time information.

Score Easily with Our Popular Football Betting Sites

For true enthusiasts, finding the best online bookmaker for football is crucial. That’s why our selection includes sites with the most attractive odds and an ever-increasing number of markets but also puts an emphasis on virtual football, fantasy football opportunities, and payout-related features. Don’t sideline your betting goals. Register with one of our top-recommended football platforms today and take the winning shot.