Conquer 2024 online casino market with SOFTSWISS free ebook

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Conquer 2024 online casino market with SOFTSWISS free ebook

SOFTSWISS, a leading global tech expert in the iGaming industry, has recently released a free ebook providing valuable insights and strategies for online casino operators. The release of this ebook emphasises the company’s commitment to sharing industry expertise and supporting the success of its clients.

The featured ebook, titled ‘How to Market Online Casino,’ offers a comprehensive look at essential marketing channels, tactics, and challenges faced by casino operators in today’s competitive landscape. Drawing on the extensive experience of SOFTSWISS and insights from leading industry stakeholders, this resource serves as a guide for navigating daily marketing activities effectively.

The ebook highlights the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) platforms as strategic partners to cultivate player trust and enhance brand credibility. As reported by SOFTSWISS clients, this non-obvious strategy has proven to be a crucial element in successful online casino marketing, aiding in dispute resolution and fostering a positive reputation among players.

Valentina Bagniya, Chief Marketing Officer for SOFTSWISS remarked,”A strong brand is what players remember, what makes them return, and what defines your reputation among players and competitors.”

The ebook also emphasises the importance of crafting unique and tailored gaming experiences to distinguish operators from larger casinos, fostering more engaging online casino experiences for players.

In addition to ‘How to Market Online Casino,’ SOFTSWISS has published two other insightful ebooks. The ‘iGaming in South Africa Market Overview‘ sheds light on the unique characteristics of the South African gambling market, providing valuable insights for industry professionals. Meanwhile, the ‘Sportsbook Budget Calculator‘ equips operators with best practises for launching a sportsbook, while the P&L calculator offers a ready-to-use tool for project costing.

These free resources represent SOFTSWISS’s ongoing dedication to providing innovative iGaming solutions and supporting the success of online casino operators worldwide. Industry professionals and operators are encouraged to access and utilise these valuable insights to elevate their marketing strategies and business operations.

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