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Establishment and Mission

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) is a wholly owned and managed government corporation that reports to the President of the Philippines.

The Corporation was established by a Presidential Decree issued by then-President Ferdinand Marcos in response to calls for the Philippine government to address the rising proliferation of illicit casino activities in various parts of the nation.

The Department’s primary mission is to issue gaming licenses for the operation of casinos. It also handles the accreditation of suppliers, guarantees that gaming establishments obtain gaming employment permits for all of their employees, carefully enforces the Responsible Gaming Code of Practice, and supervises the effective operations of licensee foundations.

PAGCOR’s secondary mission is to regulate, operate, authorise, and license games of chance, card games, and games of numbers in the Philippines, particularly casino gaming, in order to raise funds for the Philippine government’s socio-civic and national development programs, as well as to promote the Philippine tourism industry.

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Casino Operations And Revenue

PAGCOR was established to legalise gaming in the Philippines, and it is now the country’s third largest revenue collector. Throughout history, the Philippines has been a pioneer in the gaming industry, establishing itself as a regional hub.

The regulatory body is in charge of nine casino locations spread across the country’s three major islands. These outlets, together known as Casino Filipino, are strategically positioned in key tourist attractions. It also runs 32 satellite casinos in major cities across the three main islands of the country.

By 2028, PAGCOR expects to produce $12.5 billion in revenue from the gaming business, cementing its position as the region’s leading authority and expanding its role as a major partner in nation-building.

In regards to the land-based casino industry, PAGCOR aims to create an environment that promotes the growth of the Philippine gaming and entertainment industry, to be a responsible and responsive partner of the Philippine government in nation-building programs, and to establish and enforce a regulatory framework that protects the gaming industry’s integrity.

Social Responsibility

PAGCOR has been implementing large Corporate Social Responsibility projects under the leadership of its current administration, in addition to its mandated donations to various organizations and institutions.

The regulator also establishes Responsible Gaming standards and guidelines for all PAGCOR-operated and licensed businesses in permitted gaming facilities to follow in order to reduce the risk of harm to individual players and the community, prevent gambling addiction, and prohibit underage gambling.

PACGOR is dedicated to generating funds for nation-building through the management and regulation of transparent and responsible gaming. For all of their stakeholders, the team seeks to provide high-quality service by removing bureaucratic red tape at all levels, with the utmost professionalism and attention.

Casino Operations And Revenue

SiGMA believes that since gaming is a flourishing industry in the Philippines its connection with the country’s regulatory body is vital.

The country is also known for tourism, entertainment, and hospitality, and international players visit not just to play, but also to experience other attractions there. There is now also a comprehensive approach to amusement with the rise of integrated resorts and casinos.

The body, represented by PAGCOR’S Chair and CEO Alejandro Tengco has been actively present during various SiGMA events in a strong show of support.

In 2023 SiGMA Asia will hold its inaugural event in the Philippines – with Manila chosen to host the 3-day expo and conference.

The gaming industry, specifically PAGCOR, plays a significant role in securing the country’s economic future post-covid-19 and knew well enough how difficult it was to keep the ball rolling during difficult times.

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Plans to hold an event in 2020 had to be postponed due to the pandemic, with PAGCOR stating at the time that they were positive that the collaboration with SiGMA will encourage regional and international investment in the Philippines, and punctuate the presence of their regulatory body in the international gaming map.

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) has officially announced their support, congratulating the company for ‘maintaining its reputation as the world’s leading hub for everything involving the iGaming industry’ and emphasising that the conference will ‘bring together operators, providers, I.T. experts, innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors from all over the world’.

Tengco also went on to welcome developments that seek to help the local gaming sector to ‘continuously move forward, blaze a trail, and create more opportunities’.

“SiGMA’s 2023 expo will serve as a tourism gateway into the Philippines, promoting the country globally as a top gaming and entertainment destination – not only for players but also for potential investors.”

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Casino Operations And Revenue

PAGCOR has also been represented in the cover story of SiGMA Magazine’s 12th issue. In an exclusive interview with the team, the previous chair and CEO Andrea Domingo opened up about the importance of gaming companies relocating there as there is a level playing field and fairness in the Philippines and the industry is very well regulated by PAGCOR.

She uses SiGMA Magazine to get the message out that the country has an open mindset towards foreigners and people are hospitable. Filipinos are well known to be competent and literate in the gaming scene and interact quite well with players.

PAGCOR believes that by participating in events like SiGMA, the regulatory body can learn from other gaming regulators and operators. Events like this do not only benefit the Government from gaming fees and taxes, but also help trigger economic activity.

SiGMA intends to capitalise on the increasing interest in gaming and emerging tech in Asia by combining its efforts.

South-East Asia, particularly Manila, has a thriving entrepreneurial culture that is rising in value, not only for corporations seeking new chances in new jurisdictions, but also for the region’s economic future.

SiGMA Group hopes to play a key role in not only bringing the Asian and European communities together, but also in establishing long-term commercial relationships. PAGCOR’s objective is to competently manage the various sectors of the gambling business under its jurisdiction, ensuring that gaming is fair and transparent to players, avoiding crime, corruption, and money laundering, and protecting minor and vulnerable players in the Philippines.

Tengco will also make his debut on SiGMA Magazine, with an exclusive interview planned for the SiGMA Asia, 2023 edition.

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Alejandro Tengco, PAGCOR chairman, cover story featured in SiGMA Magazine